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For more information, or to schedule a tour of the Birthplace, please contact:
The Birthplace
(260) 919-3385 (260) 919-3385
Toll-Free: 1 (800) 919-3557 1 (800) 919-3557 , ext. 3385

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We're eagerly awaiting your arrival. Bluffton Regional Medical Center's labor and delivery department is fully equipped to make your delivery experience a happy, healthy one. From our highly trained obstetrics team to our comfortable environment and caring staff, we're here to help you prepare for labor, delivery, and your postpartum experience, all close to home.

The Bluffton Regional Medical Center medical staff includes a board certified OB/GYN physician. Women are cared for in private labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum suites and additional rooms that can accommodate women with a wide range of medical needs.

LDRP at Bluffton Regional Medical Center

Our private labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum suites feature:

  • a crib stocked with newborn supplies
  • a flat screen tv with cable services and music
  • a private bathroom with shower
  • comfortable seating accommodations for family members
  • mini fridge and microwave
  • natural light and soothing décor
  • sleeping accommodations for mom's birthing partner

The Birthplace Video

BRMC Birthplace.
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When required, Caesarean section deliveries are performed in the surgical services department. Epidurals are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is also a triage/observation area where the assessment and management of pregnancy-related or high-risk complications at any gestational age can be performed.

Our Birthplace is staffed with Registered Nurses trained in electronic fetal monitoring and certified in CPR and neonatal resuscitation. Our staff is also extremely supportive in initiating and maintaining breastfeeding with new moms who choose this preferred method of infant nutrition. Finally, it's our practice during the entire delivery and recovery period to support rooming-in for all babies to promote bonding with new moms and family members and to establish breastfeeding.