COVID-19 Update for Bluffton Regional Medical Center's Continuing Care Unit

Bluffton Regional Medical Center Continuing Care is permitting onsite visits. There are specific guidelines that must be followed. For additional information or to schedule a visit, please call (260) 919-3170 or (260) 919-3217.

Maintaining the safety of our patients and caregivers is our highest priority and we are focused on providing a COVID-safe environment. Numerous precautions for infection control and social distancing are in place so patients can safely receive the medical services they need.

All patients and employees are screened daily for symptoms of COVID-19. Non-COVID-19 care areas are defined where patients who have screened as negative for COVID-19 receive care from dedicated staff.  If at any time we are caring for COVID-19 positive patients, they are grouped together in the same unit away from all other patients.

Our reporting of cases is updated as any new positive cases are identified or if three or more patients or employees develop COVID-19 symptoms within a 72-hour period.

Confirmed Positive Potential Cases Deaths
Patients 1 0 0
Employees 3 0 0

As of 10/21/2020.

Screening Our Staff

Before each shift, staff members are screened for symptoms such as a temperature, cough or difficulty breathing. Any who have symptoms remain at home in self-quarantine while they wait for their COVID-19 test results.

Infection Prevention

Our caregivers practice infection prevention every day, including wearing facemasks and other personal protective equipment and washing hands before and after caring for each patient. Cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and caregiving spaces has been intensified. Additional precautions include a no-visitor policy and suspension of group activities and community dining. 

The safety of our patients and the delivery of quality, compassionate care are our top priorities.