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What types of services or special amenities can I expect while I am a patient at the Women's Center?

Aside from the highly skilled, certified nursing care you can expect while at the Bluffton Regional Women's Center, we offer many services and amenities to meet the unique needs of our new moms and dads:

  • Family-oriented prenatal education
  • Individualized care and home-care education
  • Personalized tours of the Women's Center
  • Pre-registration – on-line, by phone, or in person
  • Labor and delivery options
  • Rooming-in with baby
  • Room service menu choices
Is the Women's Center a secure unit?

Yes. The Women's Center is a secure, controlled access unit where visitors must gain entrance by intercom. Our security measures, staff identification, security cameras and many other preventive security measures are in place and will be discussed with you when you are a patient.

Are your rooms private or semi-private?

All patient rooms in the Women's Center are private, accommodating mother, baby and dad, or one support person if dad is not in attendance. All patient rooms have their own private bathroom and shower.

Is there computer access or Wi-Fi available for me to use in the room?

Wi-Fi is available in all rooms of the Women's Center. Be sure to bring your laptop or other Wi-Fi connected mobile device to access to this service.

How long is the average stay for having a baby?

Many factors are considered when determining length of stay in the hospital. The length of maternity stays typically depends on how your baby was delivered, insurance benefits and doctor's preferences. Vaginal deliveries are approximately 48-hour stays. C-section deliveries generally are a 96-hour stay. Some new moms choose to leave earlier. Your healthcare provider will need to release you, and the pediatrician will need to release your baby before you may go home. You will receive lots of educational information before you are released from the hospital to make your transition home easier and less stressful.

Can my baby stay with me in my room the whole time I'm there?

You and your baby do not have to be separated during your hospital stay unless there is a medical reason. Your nurse will care for both you and your baby to coordinate your care and provide opportunities to teach you the skills of caring for your newborn. There are a few times when baby needs to visit the nursery during your stay, but most reasons are for very short periods of time. Ask your nurse for more details.

We strongly encourage rooming-in with your newborn. Studies indicate mothers who room-in have babies who breastfeed more frequently and rest more than mothers who send their babies to the nursery. We encourage you to have your baby with you at all times.

Can the father of my baby stay in my hospital room with me the whole time?

Yes. We encourage dad or one significant other to stay here with you if you desire their company. Our suites include a place for your significant other to sleep. Unfortunately no siblings will be allowed to stay overnight.

What kinds of tests does my baby have while in the hospital?

After birth, your baby will be adjusting to the outside world. Your newborn will be placed on a blanket on your abdomen and dried off. Then your baby will be put skin to skin so it can stay warm and be ready to breastfeed. An Apgar score will be given at 1 and 5 minutes. Routine vital signs and your baby's height and weight will also be measured. A sample of your baby's cord blood will be sent to determine blood type. A Vitamin K shot and erythromycin eye ointment will be given within the first hour of life. Later, a hearing screen, and certain blood tests (screen for your baby's risk for jaundice or PKU) will be done. These may all be done while you hold your baby, skin to skin or in the nursery. Also, an oximetry screen will be done after your baby is 24 hours old.

If I choose an epidural, when can I get it?

The recommended time to get an epidural is when you are in active labor. Your nurses and healthcare provider will keep you informed as your labor progress. If you choose to have an epidural, we have anesthesia services available 24 hours a day.

Can my family members be present during labor and delivery?

Yes. Unless your condition or the social situation compromises your care or well-being, it is up to you who is in the room during your labor and delivery. In the event of an unplanned Caesarean section, only one support person may go with you into the surgical suite.

Do you acknowledge birthing plans?

Yes. We consider this to be your day, so it should be your way. It is customary that our patients have identified a birthing plan working in conjunction with their healthcare provider in advance of the anticipated delivery. We are also flexible to adjusting your previously outlined plan as your labor and delivery process progresses. Our goal is to help you have the birth you are hoping for in the safety of a hospital environment.

Do you offer alternative methods of childbirth?

Your comfort and choices are important to us. Our experienced nurses will assist you with birthing techniques to help you throughout labor. You may choose to use the birthing ball, sit in a chair, or simply walk allowing movement to facilitate the laboring process through natural positioning. We will assist you with breathing and position changes if you desire an unmedicated, "natural" labor. We want you to know, you have choices!

How do I obtain the birth certificate and social security number for my baby?

Before you are discharged, you will need to fill in an Indiana state worksheet. This information will be put on an official request for a birth certificate and sent to the Wells County Health Department. You will review and sign this request to make sure the information is accurate. After 4-6 weeks, the birth certificate will be available to be picked up for a small fee at the Wells County Health Department. There is a box on the worksheet to check if you want a social security card for your baby. This request will be sent to the social security office and they will send you a card in the mail.

You will receive a "souvenir" birth certificate from Bluffton Regional Medical Center that you may take home with you when you are released.

I'm not married to the father of my baby; can I put his name on the birth certificate?

If you are not married to your partner you will need to fill out paternity papers, a legal document verifying the father of your baby. This allows, if you want, for your baby to take the father's last name and for the father's name to be placed on the birth certificate. Information for the mother and father will be given to you to read prior to filling out this information. The father will need a photo ID to sign legal paperwork.

If you need to determine paternity, you may schedule a blood test by contacting the DNA Diagnostic Center at (800) DNA-CENTER.

Can I get food from the cafeteria or outside the hospital?

Yes. Our room service menu is extensive and conveniently meets most of the desires and nutritional needs of our patients hospitalwide. Room service meals are delivered within 45 minutes of ordering. For the convenience of visitors, families and patients the Main Street Café, located in the lower level, offers many hot/cold entree choices both at breakfast and lunch as well as quick snacks and beverages throughout the day. Vending services are available in the Café 24 hours a day.

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